First and Foremost

Published June 4, 2013 by sabrinaleecopeman

I decided to start with a pink polish.  Only fitting since I adore pink (how girly and cliche, I know.).  I also just bought the bottle a few days ago, so it only made sense.

I have to tell you in advance – this isn’t the first time I used the bottle.  I’d applied it once before.  For the purposes of this blog, let’s pretend I’d never worn the color before.

Ceramic Glaze:  Exotic Dragon Fruit



Not gonna hide my feelings on this one.  It was a piss-off.  

First, the color of the bottle is what got me.  So bright.  So pink.  I couldn’t resist.  When I applied the first coat, I was instantly disappointed.  It was a little watery and was clearly going to need at least 2 coats.  I’m used to that with polish though, so I moved on.  I noticed that it dried really fast, which is always a good thing for an avid nail polish fan.  I added another coat and when it dried, I was annoyed to notice that it finishes as more of a matte color, which I’m not fond of.  “Glaze” implies shiny, people.  At least in my world.  Top coat it is.


You can’t really tell here, since the flash was on, but the color was flat.


Once the top coat was on and the color was dry, I was impressed.  The color was just like the bottle showed.  It was bright and summery.  I even got a compliment on the color when I was at the doctors office.  Awesome.


cleaned up, dry and good to go!



look at the chips! UGH!

My activity line up of the day was nothing overly fantastic.  I drove home for an hour.  I did a load of dishes.  I vacuumed the floor and cleaned cat litter.  I napped.  I didn’t even work yesterday – and this is the level of chipping that the polish produced.  I hate when my polish chips.  Sometimes you can just do a little damage control – but this is unbelievable.  This requires me having to redo my nails completely.

“Ceramic” implies strong, people.



So here’s the rating:

COLOR:  8/10

  • Without the top coat, it’s still a pretty color – if you like a matte finish.  It requires 2 coats minimum. 

WEAR:  1/10  3/10

  • Maybe that’s a harsh rating.  It took less than 24 hours to chip and it chipped beyond any kind of minor repair.  The polish does not seem to love a top coat and it bubbled a little.  

USE:  7/10

  • Was very quick to dry.  Was easy to clean up.  The brush is decent.


  • I don’t think I’d buy this brand again.  I’ve given the polish a couple of tries and it’s let me down.  I cannot stand when you have to do a repair to your nails the day after applying the color.  I think this company put a lot of time and money into the packaging, the name, and the colors.  The actual product itself falls short.  It’s a shame, too – cause the colors are actually really, really nice.


Stay shiny,

— sabrina

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